Endoscopy Purposes Indications complications Nursingcare

Endoscopy Purposes Indication Complications Nursing Care ,Definition Types of Endoscopy’s, General Precautions Preparation of articles,Nurse’s responsibility in During GI- Endoscopy procedure,Complications of Endoscope adverse affect all information about Endoscopy Purposes Detailed mentioned Below



Endoscopy Purposes Indication complications Nursingcare


  •  Endoscopy is a device which consists of round or oval tube with an optical system for  visualizing the internal organ or cavity.
  • The procedure done by expert qualified medical professionals,
    Endoscope can be done by Natural opening of body such as mouth, nose, anus, and  urethra.
  • Surgeon making small incision through the abdominal wall such as laparoscopy for view   potential problems in abdominal cavity without a large incision

Types of Endoscope

  •  Metallic –Rigid,
  • Fiberoptic – Flexible,

Endoscopy Indication:-

  • Diagnostic purposes,
  •  Surgical repair and operations,
  • Examinations based on the area of the body that they investigate and purpose,

Arthroscopy: –

  •  for joints make incision near to the joints to visualize and repairing, e, g.knee,

Bronchoscopy: –

  •  It is used for visualise bronchus, lung,


  •  It is used for the examine the large intestine and anus to detect any abnormality,


  •  It is used for visualization of the bladder,


  • It is used for the visualisation of small intestine,


  • •It is used for the visualisation inside of the uterus, endometrium,


  •  It is used for the visualisation of abdominal or pelvic organs,


  •  It is used for the visualisation of voice box,

Gastrointestinal endoscopy:-

  •  It is used for the visualisation of upper intestinal tract, and stomach,


  • Endoscope
  • Suction tubes,
  •  Biopsy forceps,
  •  Xylocaine jelly,
  • Specimen bottle,
  • Surgical dressing tray,

General instructions for Procedure:-

  • Check for the doctor’s order,
  •  Identify the client with Name and diagnosis etc…
  •  Explain the importance of the procedure.
  •  The patient should be prepared psychologically and physically for procedure,
  •  Ask to patient sign in a consent form that gives you permission to do the endoscopic  procedure,
  •  Check for The patient may have diagnostic reports, such as lab x-ray etc…
  •  Must prepare articles according to type of endoscopic procedure,
  • Check all instruments before use,

Nursing management  During the Procedure:-

  • Maintain the desired position at the during procedure,
  •  Maintain privacy to the patient with drapes and screen,
  •  Check the Vital signs (Pulse rate, Blood pressure, Respiration rate, and Oxygen saturation) are to be monitored during the procedure.

Endoscopy’s Purposes Indication complications Nursingcare  Video    

For  video Tutorial Upper  G I Endoscopy Click Here

Care After the procedure:-

  •  Observe for complication of bleeding and pain,
  •  Chart and Document all relevant data, information of the procedure,

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