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Needle Stick Injury Policy and Procedure of Post Exposure prophylaxis


Bio Medical Waste Management Types of Waste Safe Disposal


ICU Orientation and Various Tray’s in Intensive Care Unit


ECG for Beginner Understanding Electrocardiography the waves of EKG


Total Parenteral Nutrition Indications Nursing Care & Complications


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Anatomy and physiology watch online Classes



Liver Biopsy  Indications Nursing Care complications 


Liver Function Tests Types Introduction How to Prepare for Procedure


Thoracentesis Indications Nursing Care Procedure and Complications


Fracture Types Nursing Care Complications


CVA Types Stroke Symptoms Treatment Nursing Management


Head Injury Complications Treatment Nursing care


Abdominal paracentesis Procedure Purposes Complications Nursing care


Emergency Cricothyrodotomy  Nursing Care Artificial Breathing


NG Tube procedure Ryle’s tube feeding procedure


Types of Shock Signs and Symptoms First Aid and Nursing Care


Carcinogenic Shock first Aid


Baby Bath Nursing Procedure Bath Types Nurses Responsibilities

Baby Bath Nursing Procedure Bath Types Nurses Responsibilities Baby Bath,Types of Baby Bath,Purposes of Baby Bath,General rules for Baby Bath Procedure,Preparation of articles,Nurses responsibility in Baby Bath,Procedure SPONGING,TUB BATH,LAP BATH,OIL BATH,IDEAL TIME FOR BATH,all information about Infant Bath Nursing Procedure Bath Types information given Below  


Endoscopy Purposes Indications complications Nursing care

Endoscopy Purposes Indication Complications Nursing Care ,Definition Types of Endoscopy’s, General Precautions Preparation of articles,Nurse’s responsibility in During Gastro Intestinal Tract – Endoscopy procedure,Complications of Endoscope adverse affect all information about GI Endoscopy Purposes Detailed mentioned Below     Endoscopy Purposes Indication complications Nursingcare Definition:-  Endoscopy is a device which consists of round or oval […]


Injection Types Purposes Complications Z-Track Procedure

Injection Definition Injection Types Purposes Complications Purposes of Injections,General rules for Injection,Sites of Injections,Preparation of articles,Nurse’s responsibility in administration of injections Signs and symptoms of adverse affect all information about Injections,mentioned Below INJECTION DEFINITION Injections are (sterile solutions or emulsion, suspensions), “parenteral therapy” It means giving of therapeutic agents including medicines, food outside of the […]