Thoracentesis Indications Nursing Care Procedure and Complications

Thoracentesis Indications Nursing Care Procedure and Complications Nursing Care Thoracentesis is puncturing of the chest wall for the purpose of withdrawing fluid from the pleural cavity,all information about Thoracentesis  indications Complications, Procedure, Site of the Thoracentesis mentioned Below,

Thoracentesis to remove the excessive air or fluid to Ease breathing,

Thoracentesis Procedure Nursing Responsibilities


To relieve pain, dyspnoea, and symptoms of pressure,
Malignant pleural effusion,
For diagnosis e.g.: Bacteriological and cellular composition, T.B,
To instil medication,
Contra indications:-
Patients with coagulation and bleeding disorder
Patients with heart failure
Patients on medications e.g:blood thinners
Syringes 2cc with needle,
Inj.Xylocaine 1%,
Syringe 20cc, syringe 50cc,
Three-way adaptor with tubing,
Two large bore aspiration needles No.15 and 18,
Test tubes (sterile) for collecting fluid
Collecting jar,
Measuring jug,
Sterile dressing set for applying bandage,
Sponge holding forceps 1,
Dissecting forceps,

Thoracentesis Procedure Complications:

Pulmonary edema,
Air embolism,
Site of Thoracentesis:-

The common site for pleural aspiration is just below the inferior angle of the scapula

                                     Position of the patient:-

General instructions:
Check for the doctor’s order,
Identify the client with Name and diagnosis etc…
Explain the importance of the procedure.
The patient should be prepared psychologically and physically for procedure,
Ask to patient sign in a consent form that gives you permission to do the Thoracentesis procedure,
Inform the patient do not to cough while the needle is inserted in order to avoid puncturing the lung tissues to prevent further injury,
Check for The patient may have a diagnostic reports, such as
Serum electrolytes,
Clotting time,
Bleeding time,
Chest x-ray,
Chest fluoroscopy,
Ultrasound, or CT scan,
Asked the patient to remove any clothing, necklaces, or other objects that may interfere the procedure,
The puncture site may be shaved,
The area around clean with soap and disinfected solutions,
Check the vitals BP TPR,

Thoracentesis Procedure

Maintain the desired position at the during procedure,

Maintain privacy to the patient with drapes and screen,
The patient x-ray should be fixed on x-ray viewer for reference to the patient condition and site,
Check the Vital signs (Pulse rate, Blood pressure, Respiration rate, and Oxygen saturation) are
to be monitored during the procedure.
The patient skin at the puncture site will be cleansed with a Betadine or antiseptic solution,
Give supplemental oxygen to the patient,
Make the intravenous line if any urgency to give medications,
Check for the colour of the fluid,
If diagnostic purpose remove less than 100 ml of fluid from the pleural cavity

For video tutorial Thoracentesis Click Here
Don’t remove more than 1000 ml of fluid from the pleural cavity,

Thoracentesis Procedure Nursing management:-

Place sterile dressing over the puncture site,
Send the specimen to the laboratory for tests,
Chart the amount of fluid, colour and time,
Watch patient vitals carefully,
After care of the patient:
Make the patient comfortable Position,
Provide rest and sleep,
Observe physiological changes in the patient’s
Respiratory rate,
Heart rate,
Respiratory depth,
Breath sounds,
Complaints of the chest pain,
Chart and Document all relevant data, information of the procedure,


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