Staff NurseRecruitment Model Paper

Welcome to your Staff NurseRecruitment Model Paper

Insulin is not given by mouth because it is

Which one of the following is wrong about thrombolytic therapy? It is---------------

. Interventions to decrease increased intracranial pressure included all of the  following except

The preferred position to prevent CSF leak after pituitary tumor excision via trans sphenoidal  route is

If a patient experienced a stroke that damaged the hypothalamus,the nurse would  anticipate that he has problems with?

The four Body fluids that have been implicated of HLV are

A frequent side effect of furosemide is that it

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) IS administered to replace

A patient who has been experiencing angina has a new prescription for nitroglycerin. Which of the following should the nurse include in teaching about the side effects of nitroglycerin?

While caring for a patient to with acute pulmonary oedema which of the following is not advisable?

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