Liver Biopsy Procedure Indications Nursing Care

Liver Biopsy Procedure Indications Nursing Care Hepatic Biopsy Procedure is Removal of Small amount Liver Tissue,Usually through Needle aspiration,Hepatic biopsy an open or closed Procedure in on open Biopsy wedge of liver is removed for the Study and the remaining Sutured,all information about Hepatic biopsy indications Complications,Procedure,Site of the biopsy mentioned Below,

Liver Biopsy Procedure Introduction:

The first Liver Aspiration Performed by Elrich in 1983,
The very first percutaneous livHepatic er biopsy for analysis and diagnosis purposes was reported in 1923.

Types of Liver Biopsy Procedure

1. Transthoracic and subcostal liver biopsy,
2. Percutaneous liver biopsy,
3. Blind and guided liver biopsies,
4. Plugged liver biopsy,
5. Transvenous (transjugular) Hepatic biopsy,
6. Laparoscopic liver biopsy,

Liver Biopsy Procedure Purpose:-

  • To determine anatomical changes in liver,
  • To make correct diagnosis,
  • To assess the severity of liver disease,
  • Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology,
  • To diagnosis of infections such as tuberculosis.
  • To Examine Microbiology and culture studies,
  • Haemochromatosis from other causes of iron overload,
  • To take piece of liver tissue to send for histopatholgical examinations,
  • Hepatic biopsy is often useful in the diagnosis and management of patients with alcohol related liver diseases,

Contra Indications:-

  • Bacterial cholangitis,
  • Extrahepatic biliary obstruction,
  • Abnormal coagulation Disorders,
  • Thrombocytopaenia,


  • A sterile tray contains,
  • Syringes 5ml to give anaesthesia,
  • Sponge holding forceps,
  • Cheatle forceps,
  • Hepatic biopsy needle with stillettes,
  • Types of biopsy needles,
  • Tru-cut,
  • Menghini needles,
  • Dissecting forceps
  • Aspiration syringe,
  • A fenestrated towel,

Sterile dressing set,

  • A clean tray contains:
  • Mackintosh and towel,
  • Spirit, Savlon, Betadine,
  • Xylocaine 2%
  • Kidney tray and paper bag,
  • Specimen bottles,
  • Adhesive plaster and scissors,
  • Formalin 10% to preserve the specimen,

Preparation of the patient:-

  • Explain procedure to the patient,
  • Shave if required, the procedure site,
  • Check blood lab tests for Hb%, prothrombin time, bleeding time, clotting time,platelet count,
  • Demonstrate to patient to stop breathing on command,allow him to practice,
  • Administer inj.vitamin-k 10mgs for 7to 10 days before the biopsy as for order,
  • Test for blood grouping x-matching,Arrange two bottles of blood in case of emergency,
  • Keeps the patient fasting for 6 to 8 hours prior to before procedure,
  • Get written consent for procedure,

 Biopsy Procedure:-

  • Informed consent,
  • Explain procedure to the patient,
  • Provide pricy to the patient,
  • Check the physician’s orders,
  • Check the vitals,
  • Dress the patient in hospital gown,
  • Collect the all equipments near to the patient bedside,
  • Administer medications as prescribed by the physician,
  • Keep the patient in supine position,
  • Drape the patient expose the right side of patient upper abdomen (Right hypochondriac region) only site of the puncture,
  • The nurse should encouraging him to maintain desired,
  • Position, instructs the patient to breathe deeply several times finally hold his breath at the end of expiration,
  • Instruct the patient to resume normal breathing,
  • Immediately after biopsy, place sterile pad over biopsy site,
  • Send specimen to the histopathology examination,
  • Check the vitals every 15mins for 6 hours,
  • Watch for complications,
  • Pallor,Abdominal pain,Vomiting,Sweating,
Fore More details:- Click for biopsy Video tutorial,

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