Head Injury Complications Treatment Nursingcare

Head Injury Complications Treatment Nursing care Head injury Definition, Causes of Head injury, Complications of Skull and Facial Injury, Head Injury Types, Signs and Symptoms, Medical management, Surgical Management, Nursing Management, all Information about Skull Injury Complications Treatment Nursing care Discussed Below, Head Injury Definition:- All head injuries are potentially serious direct injuries may cause … Read more

Types of Shock Signs and Symptoms First Aid and Nursing Care

Types of Shock Definition of Shock Shock may be defined as a state in which there is widespread, serious reduction of tissue perfusion, which if prolonged, leads to generalized impairment of cellular function. Shock is a state or condition in which the cardiovascular and  Circulatory system fails to perfuse tissues adequately It is an impaired … Read more

Cardiogenic Shock First aid and Nursing Management

Cardiogenic Shock  Acute pulmonary edema is a clinical condition wherein there is interstitial and alveolar edema compromising gas change in the lungs. Usually the patient present with breathlessness of sudden onset,tachypnoea, anxiety, profuse sweating, cold  clammy skin, expectoration of pink frothy sputum and cyanosis. Auscultation may reveal a gallop rhythm (S3), bilateral crepitations and rhonchi … Read more