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Natural Difence Against Infection ?
Tha Commonest Cause of Shock in Infection
Darkground microscopy useful for
The Period of Time Which elapses between the invasion of the tissue by pathogens and appearance of clinical features know as
Not a Source of Infection is soil in
When the cause of febrile illness remains uncerttain inspite of investigation and such a case is categorised as
Period of Infectivity in whooping cough
Incubation Period of Chicken Pox
Spread of Infection is Transplacental in
Average Incubation period of mumps
Period of Infectivity in measles
For culture of causative organism not possible from bone marrow in
Delayed hypersencitivity skin testing is used to diagnose infection in
In Immunisation Schedule Recommended by WHO for developing countries the no.of OPV doses for Infant
Contra Indication to immunisation with vaccine is
A condition with long incubation period is
Menigo coccal  vaccine deos not protect against this group
Not an inactivated vaccine is
Vacccine should not be give HIV Infected person
The only immuniztion currently required by International Helath Regulations is

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