Appendicitis Sympotoms Signs and Causes Diagnosis Manegement

Appendicitis Sympotoms Signs and Causes Diagnosis Manegement

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What is Appendicitis

Appendicitis is inflamation of the Appendix,because of Obstruction of Digestive Tract or Infection to appendix

Defination of Appendicities

An Inflamation of Vermiform Appendix

Acute appendicitis,

The abdominal pain and symptoms develpos within suddenly,one or two days,

Chronic Appendicitis

The abodminal pain is mild sympyoms maybe disappear
and reappearing again, over a period of some days or weeks, months, years,


Occur in Mainely in 10-30 years of age,

Where is appendix loacated

Appendix is located at Lower Right side in the abodminal cavity it is a small finger like
tube (Bowel) atttached to the Large intestine
Average Lenth is 5cm -10cm,


Decreased fiber rich diet, and Consumption of refined corbohydrates,

Intestinal Paracites (PinWorm Enterobius Vermicularis)

Trumatic Injury,

Type of Appendicities

Accute Simple Appendicities,

Accute Purulent Appendicities,

Appendecial Abcess,

Perforation and Gangrenous,

Pahtophysiology of Appendicities,


Etiological Factor,

Down Arrow

Inflamatory Process,

Down Arrow
Increase Intraluminal Pressure,

Down Arrow

Severe Pain,

Clinical Manifestations – Appendicitis Sympotoms

Abdominal pain spread to Umblical region to Right Lower Quadrant,

Rebond Tenderness,



Low grade fever,

Diagnostic Evaluation for Appendicitis,

History Collection
Physical Examination,

Urine Analysis,
CT Scan,
Abdominal X Ray,

Pregnency Test (For Females only to Rule out Ectopic Pregnency )

Medical Management,

Provide Bed Rest,
Anti Emitics,
Intravenous Fluids,

Surgical Management,


Laproscopic Appendectomy,

Nursing Assessment

Assess the level of Abdominal pain

Asess the Vital Signs,

Asess the Fluid volume Status,

Nursing Diagnosis for Appendicities,

Pre Operative Management stage

Pain related to Inflammation of appendix,

Fluid valume deficit related to Vomiting,

Post Operative Management stage

Risk for Infection related to Surgical wound,
Pain related to Surgery,

Nursing management for appendicities,

Post Operative Nursing Care of Appendectomy Patient,

Provide Comfort Position and Clam Environment,

Monitor Vital Signs Blood Pressure,Pulse Rate, Respiration,

Maintain Input Chart and Out Put Chart,

Ascultate for Bowelmovemnts and sounds, Pasing of Flatus,

Give Moth care and Skin Care,

Give Medication and Treatment as prescribed,

Complications ao Appendicities,



Discharge and Follow up care

Teaching about Appendectomy post operative care

wound healing process, suture removal,
using of mediactions,
Deit ristrictions,

Activities Avoid lifiting of Heavy Weight,up to four weeks,


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